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9 Patch blocks - 9 Months - 9 Blocks

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Block #4 - June - Maple Leaf

The 4th block is Maple Leaf. All blocks for this quilt are 12" x 12".
Fabric amounts and usage is shown on this page.

You will be making 4 of these blocks for the quilt.

Although I show specific fabrics for this block, you may want to use up small amounts of scraps instead of the specific fabrics. At the left is a Maple Leaf block image using only 3 fabrics. You may want to use fewer fabrics instead of what I show below.

This is a block that can easily be made with either rotary cut pieces or Paper Foundation Piecing (PFP - paper piecing for the stem part of the block). I show the PFP template for the leaf stem. After thinking about the PFP technique - it seems too complex and too much trouble for the whole block - much easier to make Half Square triangle instead.

For each block you will need 9 - 4.5" units:
(the numbers in the block indicate the fabric numbers)
 4 unit squares 4.5" solid fabrics: 1 in Fabric #2, 1 in Fabric #8, 2 in Fabric #12
 4 half square triangle units in Fabrics 3 & 8
 1 'stem" block in Fabrics 2 & 8


1. Cutting "just squares" for the 4 blocks
From Fabrics 2 (4 each), 8 (4 each), 12 (8 each) cut 4 - 4.5" x 4.5 " squares


2. Half Square Triangle Units - 16 total
Using 40" width fabric, cut 1 strip of Fabric 3 and 1 strip of Fabric 8 all 5" wide.
Cut these 5" strips into 8 squares of each fabric that are 5" x 5"
If your fabric is a little wider than 40" you may be able to get 8 - 5" squares out of your width. If you only get 7 of each, you will need to cut one extra 5" from each fabric. But DO NOT CUT AN ENTIRE STRIP that is 5".
You will have 8 squares each and you will make 16 - 4.5" Half Square Triangles from these. Trim your HSTs to be 4.5 x 4.5 inches as you did for Block #2 - Shoo Fly block.
 [See the earlier Block #2 for the Half Square Triangle sewing diagram if you need to review this.]

3. Stem Unit - 4 total
There are several ways to make this stem unit.
  3a. You may want to paper piece these 4 - click here for a pattern to PFP.
  3b. has a good explanation of how to make this unit, click here to go to Marcia's site to see how she does it.
  3c. Cut a square unit from Fabric 8 that is 4" x 4". Cut a strip 1-3/4" wide of Fabric 2 that reaches diagonally completely across a 4.5" square (approx. 7"). Sew one of the cut triangles to the strip. Lay the sewn pieces down on squared paper and line up the 2nd triangle so that a square unit will result, mark lightly with pencil to show placement. Sew and Press. Trim to 4.5" x 4.5"
  3d. Or you may want to applique the stem pieces down on top of the four 4.5" x 4.5" squares of Fabric 8.

You now have all the 4.5" units needed to assemble the 4 Maple Leaf blocks.
Referring to the numbered block at the top of the page, lay your pieces out so that you can assemble the block in rows of 3 units each, press, then sew the 3 rows together.

With a quilter's square ruler, trim the blocks to be 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches.

You have finished Block Four.

Block One is here

Block Two is here

Block Three is here

I'd love to post some photos or scans of your blocks so far - email to me
at quilting -at- I'll post them linked to each Block instructions to see the progress.

Happy Quilting,


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