Free Block of the Month Quilt Pattern 2006
9 Patch blocks - 9 Months - 9 Blocks

designed by Susan Druding for & QFaD

Block #9 - November - Ohio Star
The last block in the series

The 9th block is a classic block called Ohio Star and the final block in this BOM2006.
All blocks for this quilt are 12" x 12".
Fabric amounts and usage is shown on this page.

You will be making 12 of these blocks for the quilt.

This is a block that is made with 5 just plain squares, four 4-X block.  These 12 Ohio Star blocks are grouped at the top and bottom of the quilt - you can see them in the different sample quilt tops here.

Numbers shown in the block at the left indicate the fabrics used in each.
See the fabric layout page for more information.

For each block you will need 9 - 4.5" units:
(the numbers in the block indicate the fabric numbers)
5 unit squares 4.5" solid fabrics: 3 in Fabric #4, 2 in Fabric #6
4 4-X block in Fabrics 3, 5, and 7

You will be making 12 blocks so all units will be multiplied by 12.

1. Cutting "just squares" for the 4 blocks
From Fabric #4 - cut 36, Fabric #6 - cut 24  all 4.5" x 4.5 " squares



2. 4-X Units - 48 total
This are 4 centered on each side of the block, see several methods for making this unit piece here.


You now have all the 4.5" units needed to assemble the 12 Ohio Star blocks. Lay your pieces out so that you can assemble the block in rows of 3 units each as shown in the blocks diagrams, press, then sew the 3 rows together.

With a quilter's square ruler, trim the blocks to be 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches.

You have finished Block Nine and you are ready to assemble your quilt top!
 (and to send in some photos, please.)


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I've received some photos of the blocks in progress and will post them  - please send more to keep the ones I've received company!

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Quilt Top Layout for all Blocks is here.

Happy Quilting,


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