Block of the Month 2006
9 Patch blocks - 9 Months - 9 Blocks

designed by Susan Druding for & QFaD


Fabrics for BOM 9-9-9

The quilt was designed with the idea of using 12 fabrics, but it is certainly possible to do the quilt with fewer fabrics and certainly for a scrappy look you can use many more.

The beginning of this BOM project is here.

To help you visualize the placement of the fabrics in the quilt I have made 12 mini-quilt layouts, each shows the placement of ONE fabric. This way you can have an idea of how many places and in how many blocks each fabric appears.

A few fabrics are used very little and you may well have something in your scrap stash to use. Others are significant in the overall look of the quilt and you will want to use a fabric of that tonal quality or brightness in all the spots where it appears, even if you use different actual fabric prints or solids.

Note: I have not included any fabric for border of quilt - I prefer to let you wait and audition fabrics for the border after you have finished the top. The border shown in the diagrams here is a 3 inch border.

The finished size of the quilt with a 3" border would be 90" x 102". The blocks are 12" blocks.

 I do NOT mean that the colors of fabric should match the colors below, they are just pulled from one quilt top (shown at the very bottom of this page) as an example.
See 5 other sample quilt tops here for more ideas.

fabric 1
7/8 yd
(a standout fabric - contrast with fabric 2 & 5)

fabric 2
1/2 yard
(used in simple 9 patch and leaf block)

fabric 3
2 yards
(used in many half square triangles)


fabric 4
1 yard
(important fabric for diagonal movement)

fabric 5
1-3/4 yds


fabric 6
1-3/8 yds

fabric 7
1-1/8 yd
(important fabric for bright, hot spots)

fabric 8
2-1/4 yds
(medium tone background color)

fabric 9
5/8 yd
(little cones holding bright spot tops
contrast strongly with fabric 7)


fabric 10
1-1/8 yds
(blended tone background fabric
along with fabric 8)

fabric 11
3/8 yard
(only used in one block, 4 times, combined
with fabrics 8 & 10, should stand out)


fabric 12
1/4 yard
(used just in leaf block with fabric 2 & 3
could be any fabric you wish)

The quilt top colorway used
to make these diagrams

Susan Druding

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