Grandma Hattie's Knick Knack Shelf Blocks
free quilt pattern for novelty quilting
part 1 of series

The first two blocks, a jar and a sheep, in a new series of free paper foundation pieced quilt blocks for making some fun, novelty quilts which can be assembled to look like shelves with things on them. The first two here are a sheep block and a small fancy jar block. But lots more are added:

paper foundation pieced quilt blocks

 Here's an index to all the blocks in this series.

This project is named "Grandma Hattie's" in honor of my late grandmother, Hattie Huff Zink, who had an amazing collection of "stuff" on her knick knack shelves! Mostly she collected dog statues and her own crocheted mini-to-full size cups and saucers. But she was happy to add just about any cute little thing that anyone gave her to the collection, too!cup small

Note that these blocks can be mixed with the earlier tea cups, coffee mugs and tea pot blocks that I designed last year (they are all 8 inch high blocks). So you may want to collect those for your shelves, too. See a sample here of the cups and teapots on shelves.

See the bottom of this page to sign up for notification when more blocks are added to this collection. I plan to have 12-18 blocks eventually.

These blocks are designed using Electric Quilt

This jar block is deliberately off center
so it can be arranged on the shelves offset.
Reverse the block to move the block to the right.

The sheep can face either left or right, your choice.
Use a spacer block to separate the sheep from whatever you put next to it.

Below are miniature versions of the above in paper pieced blocks -
a link below each will lead you to the full sized blocks for printing out.

HERE is the full size version of the Jar Block for printing

Here is the full size version of the Sheep Block for printing.

Susan Druding

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