mini bonzai block

the "bare" paper
 pieced tree block.

 Grandma Hattie's 
 Knick Knack Shelf Blocks 

     Block 7 from part 4 
(Article part 1 has blocks 1 & 2)
   (Article part 2 has blocks 3 & 4)
   (Article part 3 has blocks 5 & 6)
  (Article part 4 has blocks 7 & 8)

 Knick Knack block 7: 8" Bonsai Tree 
a free quilt block to paper piece  

 Ideas for decorating and embellishing your bare tree. 

One or two of these little bonsai trees will look cute on your Grandma Hattie shelf quilt. Make each one a little differently. Here are some ideas:

Look through your fabrics for a print with large leaves or flower patterns. I found a bark cloth print that I thought would look fun as the top of a bonsai tree. I also show a possible Hoffman leaf pattern.

bark cloth with large bold leaf print





A bark cloth bold leaf print

Hoffman leafy print





A Hoffman leafy print


An appliqué made by cutting out the leaf
 images from the bark cloth.


sample bonzai tree block
Applique small round circles of various 
green fabrics - or make small yo-yo's 
for leaf effects.

HERE is the full size of the Bonsai Tree 
free quilt block to paper foundation piece

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These free quilt blocks are all designed by Susan Druding using Electric Quilt software.


Susan Drudingmini bonzai block


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