A Free Quilt Pattern - Deco-Whirl Quilt

A paper foundation pieced quilt

I enjoy designing quilts with EQ5 and I came up with a paper foundation block pattern that I thought I'd share with you. For this block you make duplicates of 2 quarter blocks and then sew the four together to make the more complex block.

Note: If you aren't familiar with how to do Paper Foundation Piecing (PFP) - click here for my How-To articles and other links to information.

My design is for a large block, easy to paper piece, with each quarter being 8 inches and thus the final block being a large 16 inch size. But, if you have done a little paper foundation piecing already, you may want to make these a little smaller. This can easily be done on a copy machine and you can resize them down by half to a final 8 inch block for a nice effect.

I call this block design "Deco-Whirl" since I think the assembled blocks have a rather Art-Deco look to the quilt top. I show it here in rather bold colors, but it would nice in softer patterned fabrics as well. I have one lighter sample quilt top to show this and I put a homespun plaid looking fabric in this block and let the background soft sky blue fabric show through. The block would also look great with some bold batik fabrics.

I hope you'll have fun with it - be sure to send me a photo if you make it as a quilt!


The Blocks A & B are HERE

Several Sample Quilt Tops are HERE
to show you possible ways for your quilt to look.

Susan Druding

copyright 2003 Susan C. Druding
This free foundation paper pieced quilt pattern was designed
and drawn using Electric Quilt 5

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