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Jar Block
for Hunter's Quilt

I am showing two ways to make this finished size 6" x 12" block - either paper pieced or with cut pieces, then sewn.

1. This page is 'CUT AND SEW UNITS' JAR

2. Paper pieced jar pattern is here.

Measurements are shown on diagram below.

For the Corner triangles attached to main jar body:
Cut 4 squares of your background fabric which are 1-7/8" (or cut them 2" and trim). Finger press or iron in half diagonally (this will show you the sewing line.) Lay each one down, right sides together, on the 10.5" x 5.5" jar body block and line up the corners. Sew along the press line which is the solid seam line in the diagram below. Flip and trim off the seam to 1/4 and press. Do for each corner.

Then assemble remaining pieces. (See color version again here if needed). Be sure to read the basic overall instructions on this page first! And note the request for extra 6.5" squares of fabric, too.

cut and sew jar


Susan Druding