Multiple Squares in Squares Blocks
free paper pieced quilt block foundation pattern

by Susan Druding

In a previous article I explained two different methods of making the traditional Square in a Square quilt block (see that earlier article here: Two Ways to Make a Square in a Square Block).  I mentioned that for multiple squares in a square it would be easiest to paper piece that block.  I had several emails asking for that PFP pattern, so here it is.

The block is pieced from the center outwards. Be sure to remember to leave the seam allowance around the outside of the block. I usually leave a generous seam allowance and trim it later to play it save.

The foundation for sewing will look like the block at the left, but the block will have numbers on it to guide the order in which you sew the pieces.

I like to make scrappy quilts, so I would tend to choose 4-5 or more fabrics of similar color or tone, but not all the same, for making the same sections in each block - and not use all one fabric. But, if you prefer fewer fabrics in a quilt, that's up to you.

I also show some sample quilt top layouts to give you an idea of various ways your quilt can look.

You can make a bold statement with a quilt all in black and white, too.



1. Here is the block to print for paper piecing - it's designed as a 6" block, you can redraw it on graph paper to any size before copying on a copy machine. Use a thin or recycled paper to make it easier to tear away the paper.

2. Here are 3 sample quilt tops to show you some ways this block will look in a quilt.

If you are new to Paper Foundation Piecing and need some information - see this earlier article: Foundation Piecing

Have fun!

The blocks and quilt tops were designed using Electric Quilt.






copyright 2005 Susan Druding - I'm happy to share this block pattern for your personal or Guild/Quilt Group use, but it should not be reproduced electronically nor posted on other web sites or quilting lists, please.