Signature Quilt Blocks
 5 Free Quilt Blocks to Use for Signature or Memory Quilts

This feature is a companion to the article last month Signature & Memory Quilts on history, how-to and images. See this previous feature if you missed it.

 Click Here to get 5 Free Blocks  
  for use in Signature Quilts:

Signature Block  #2 - version 1

For each block shown I also include a Blank Block to print out (paper foundation blocks are numbered for paper piecing) and one or more sample quilt top layouts.

The Blank Block is on a page which will allow you to print it out. Then use a copy machine to either enlarge or reduce the block to the size you wish.

 How to Gather Signatures for the Quilt:

If you take freezer paper and iron it onto the back of the piece of light colored fabric it will help to stabilize it for the signature. What I have done is to make up a little "package" for gathering signatures (which you may be sending or giving to family or friends who help to gather the names). 

In a zip lock baggie I put a number of prepared pieces with freezer paper ironed on. I leave extra seam allowance which will be trimmed later. I make a little "window" template out of file folder weight paper to lay on the fabric for controlling the signature size. The signer will sign inside the little "window". This prevents the signatures from going too close to the seam allowances. And I include a fine point Pigma or other indelible pen for signing (test your pen choice first! wash a sample and test!)

Susan Druding

copyright 2000 Susan C. Druding

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