A Giraffe to Applique
a free applique block pattern


Here's a Giraffe block to applique to go with the other circus blocks I've been designing to use in a child's quilt. Click on the Index Link below at the right to see the other blocks (tent, clown, zebra, elephant, seal). The blocks can be any size (6-9" or so) - on the next page you'll see a larger diagram of the layout for the giraffe block to help you see how to place the template pieces.

Make your giraffe in make-believe colors as above, or in more realistic fabrics as below.

Print the templates and enlarge them a copy machine to the desired block size.

The template page shows all the little pieces for filling in the pattern for the giraffe. My suggestion is that you cut out 2 of each and move them around until you have a pleasing pattern (you'll have some left over).  See this page for more tips on laying out pieces.

Templates are here. (just 1 page of templates)

See a sample quilt top using this Giraffe block + Tent and Clown Blocks


If you make one of these blocks, send me a photo or a scan to show off what fabrics you used.

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2003 Susan Druding

The Clown Block was designed using Electric Quilt 5