Gallery of Seasons Quilts

Send in photos of quilts you make from the 4 Seasons Applique blocks

I've published 4 Seasons 18" square free appliqué patterns for making a small wall quilt or to be used as a large block in a 4 seasons quilt. If you have made any of these, please show it off here. Send a digital photo or photo I can scan. Tell me a little about your quilt and where you live. (click to see the patterns for: summer - fall - winter - spring blocks)

1. Fall Quilt by Sue Prior

2. Summer Quilt by Penelope - see below


Penelope hand appliqued this lovely version of the Summer Beach Scene block.

These applique patterns for the 4 Seasons Scenes were designed and drawn using Electric Quilt 5.0
© 2003 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD and website)

Susan Druding

copyright ©2003 Susan C. Druding