A Giraffe to Applique
a free applique block pattern

Below is the "key" for the templates. You really do not need to follow the pattern layout exactly for the body details of the giraffe. Just cut out 2 each of the small shapes, or cut them free hand and arrange them into a pleasing pattern on the body of the giraffe.

The feet (D, E, F, G) are all the same little piece shape.
N1 and O1 are just little circles for eyes.

Print the templates and enlarge them a copy machine to the desired block size.
Below is a larger view of the layout without the letters to make it more clear.


Templates are here. (just 1 page of templates)

See a sample quilt top using this Giraffe block + Tent and Clown Blocks

If you make one of these blocks, send me a photo or a scan to show off what fabrics you used.

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The Clown Block was designed using Electric Quilt