A Dove Peace Symbol to Appliqué
a free appliqué quilt block

After I posted the Peace Symbol appliqué a few days ago, I received requests for a Peace Dove and so here it is.

This dove block is meant to be an 8" block, but make it larger or smaller with a copy machine.

I give a "one dove template", but if you flip it and make a mirror image you can have a double dove block as shown.

A single dove

Here are the large templates
    to PRINT OUT for appliqué .

Or use the template twice, once in mirror image,
to make a pair of doves.

I've included the templates for the branch and leaves, but you really don't need them. Make the branch with a length of fabric or a length of bias tape would work nicely - then just fuse some green fabrics to a small piece of fusible web and then cut out assorted small leaf shapes and arrange them on your "branch".

I hope you'll fly some Doves for Peace in the World!

Susan Druding

© 2001 copyright  - Susan C. Druding