A Peace Symbol to Appliqué

I went on a Peace March in San Francisco a few months ago and saw a lot of banners and flags, including a flag design using a peace symbol, and realized after searching online that it's hard to find a clear version of the internationally recognized Peace Symbol for use in appliqué.
[I've added a Peace Dove appliqué design and templates too - click here for the Peace Dove.]

peace symbol to applique

   Here is a much larger image to PRINT OUT
     to use for making an applique template.

Do you know the origins of the Peace Symbol? It was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom (a conscientious objector, professional designer and a graduate of the Royal College of Arts) for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Great Britain. I looked online and found some interesting sites. Some history is here and here. The design has often been misrepresented and misused. There was an attempt in South Africa, under apartheid, an attempt to ban its use.

To use this peace symbol image (go here for the large version for printing) in the easiest way, I'd use fusible web and trace the design onto the paper backing, fuse to fabric and then cut away either the background. Then fuse to a backing fabric.

Here are some peace symbols in action at the Peace March, Sept 29, 2001 which started in Dolores Park in the Mission District, San Francisco. 10,000 people attended.

This huge one was made of wire and tinsel.

Susan Druding

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