A Free Appliqué Pattern - A Spring Scene - part 2

How to make this appliqué spring scene
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The finished size of this appliqué block is 18" x 18".

The easiest way to begin is to cut a square of about 19" x 19" for a base using the A section of sky fabric as the background (the larger right side sky portion), then you place the other pieces on the base building up from the bottom. Just place the left triangle half of the sky on the base and your sky is complete. This will form the base for building your image up with the cut template pieces of fabric.

Print out the templates HERE first, there are 2 pages of templates.

Below is a layout showing all the template pieces in position. The rectangle in the lower left corner is only for sizing and should be 1" x 4" to make an 18" block.

[For a larger version of the layout shown at left on a Page for Printing - click HERE.]

After printing out both pages of templates (you will see a little bar labeled which should measure 1" x 4" to make the finished 18" block on each template) you will need to adjust them on a copy machine to be the size you wish. Label the RIGHT SIDE of each template with the name shown in the diagrams.

If you are only making one block, you can glue each template, right side UP, to freezer paper on the non-shiny side, then iron the freezer paper to the right side your fabric and cut out the piece. Or glue templates with RIGHT side DOWN to fusible web and iron that to the wrong side of the fabric and cut out the piece. Remember, when putting fusible web onto the fabric that the web goes on the reverse side of the fabric and the template pieces need to be placed so that you will not be making a reverse-mirror image of the pieces.

If you plan to make several duplicate blocks, glue the template piece to stiff cardboard or template plastic so you can trace around the pieces several times and label each. Or, make extra copies of the templates when you are at a copy machine.

You may want to freehand draw the little bows rather than trace them.

You do not need to put fusible web on the 19" x 19" square of fabric that forms the background of the block.

Assemble from the background up

First lay the left wedge of blue sky onto the 19" x 19" base fabric (which is the A-sky fabric). Fuse to the base square.

Next lay the 3 "grassy areas" starting from the top hills and the front piece so that the final size from top of sky to base of grass is 18" and your piece will be 18" x 18". You will have a little border left around the edges if you began with a 19" x 19" base fabric. Fuse the grass in place.

Fuse the 2 clouds into the sky.

Put the base of the small kite "R" in place and then add the 4 triangle pieces on top of "R" (S, T, U, V). Do the same with the larger kite placing the base "G" down first and adding the 4 triangles: H, I, J, K.

Now add the tails to the kites (you may just want to put a bias strip in place and not cut out a thin angle of fabric, or perhaps you want to couch down a piece of cord or yarn for the tails?). Add the little bows on top.

If you plan to use this as a wall appliqué, layer with batting and backing and pin or baste and machine quilt to enhance the design. Trim the batting and backing so that you can turn the extra margin of the front as an edge. Or, add a bold binding, perhaps a stripe?

If you make this Spring Appliqué (or the other blocks in the series of 4), I'd love to see a photo of it and post it in the GALLERY for projects here. You can email me a digital photo or scan or I can scan a photo. Email me for mailing instructions to send me a photo.

This free Fall Scene Appliqué Block was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt 5.0
© 2003 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD and this website)

Susan Druding

copyright ©2003 Susan C. Druding