Mini-quilt Block Series
Twisted Square Block

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Twisted Square Block

+ See the American Chain Mini-Blocks Here

This is the second in a continuing series of mini-blocks for miniature quilts. Each block template for paper piecing is provided free here in both a 4 inch finished size and a 3 inch finished size.
The First Block in the series (American Chain Mini-Block) is HERE.

The Twisted Square block is can be colored so that it becomes a diagonal block and this allows it to be more versatile than a symmetric block. See the sample quilt tops linked below for the variety possible.


See the links below to reach the paper foundation piecing templates for both a 3" and 4" mini-block and for 6 sample quilt tops showing different ways your miniature quilt can look. For each template a special Page for Printing is linked for using less ink.

Of course, you can make this block larger by using a copy machine or re-drawing the block on graph paper so as it use it in a larger block quilt. 

Here is the 3" paper foundation template

Here is the 4" paper foundation template

Here are 6 Sample Quilt tops
   using the Twisted Square block


Quilt blocks images and paper foundation piecing templates were prepared
 with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

2001-2006 Susan C. Druding - please don't reproduce this mini-block project in print or electronic media without permission.

Susan Druding

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