A Free Quilt Block Pattern: Sandal Templates to Appliqué

Make this Birkenstock sandal look alike block for your shoe quilt

After printing out the templates (you will see a little bar which should measure 1/2" x 2" to make the finished block) you will need to adjust them on a copy machine to be the size you wish. Label the RIGHT SIDE of each template with the letter shown in the diagrams. Templates are Here. You can make the sandal any size you wish by enlarging the templates all an equal amount.

If you are only making one block, you can glue each template, right side UP, to freezer paper on the non-shiny side, then iron the freezer paper to the right side your fabric and cut out the piece. Or glue templates with RIGHT side DOWN to fusible web and iron that to the wrong side of the fabric and cut out the piece. Remember, when putting fusible web onto the fabric that the web goes on the reverse side of the fabric and the template pieces need to be placed so that you will not be making a reverse-mirror image of the pieces.

If you plan to make several duplicate blocks, glue the template piece to stiff cardboard or template plastic so you can trace around the pieces several times and label each. Or, make extra copies of the templates when you are at a copy machine.

You can have some fun playing with different types of fabrics for more realism. Ultrasuede might make a nice sole and a shiny fabric could be used for the buckles.

This version shows the letters for the template pieces:
The little bar is not a template, but should measure 1/2" x 2" to scale in a finished 9 inch size block.

Here is a color version:

You can also reverse the templates (use them from the back instead of from the front and have a sandal that faces in the opposite direction like this:


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for the templates to print out.

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This free pattern for the Sandal Applique Block was designed and drawn using Electric Quilt
© 2002 Susan C. Druding - to be used for personal or Guild use (with credit to SCD)


Susan Druding,  www.equilters.com

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