International Quilt Festival 
 October 2000 - 2002 - Houston, Texas

 Photo Information & Copyright 

The photos on these pages from Houston were all taken by Susan C. Druding using a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera. For each quilt I photographed I took a photo of the sign with the quilt and have made every attempt at accuracy in listing the name of the quilt and the artist(s). 

The photographs themselves are all copyrighted by me and the photos are not to be used without permission in any other print media or web pages. Please contact me for more information. Just to be clear -- the quilts and the quilt designs belong to the individual quilt artists and are copyrighted by them. These photos are to be seen for your enjoyment, but you should not attempt to copy or reproduce these quilts yourself.

Whenever possible I took photos without a flash in order to retain as much of the quilted and surface texture as possible. I tried to get at least one or more details as well as the full quilt image. For some larger quilts and for some hanging in corners or at the ends of aisles I was not able to capture the full quilt image, but came as close as I could to filling the camera lens.

I have cropped and reduced the size of the original photos for Web viewing, but have kept all the original, full sized images which I originally photographed. I use PhotoImpact software for tuning, resizing and adjusting my jpg images. 

I am especially happy to share quilt photos with the quilters who made the quilts if they need photos for use on their web sites or for emailing to friends to show "their quilt". Just, please credit me as photographer and let me know where you are using them. Thanks!

I want to thank the Quilt Festival management for giving me a Media Badge (= Press Pass) to allow me to take so many photos in so many places. You'll see photos from classrooms, lectures and from all areas of the show.

[For those interested in digital cameras and photography - some comments:
I took many of these photos with my Nikon Coolpix 990 set at an ISO of either 400 or 200 to make better use of available light and avoid a flash. This makes a huge difference in showing the texture and quilting stitches. I carried a monopod with me for steadying the camera and it worked very nicely. I stored the photos on CF cards of 80, 48, 30 and 16 MB and took 400 or more photos each day for 5 days. I used nickel metal hydride MAHA 1550 mA batteries (and in 2001 added new 1700 mA MAHA batteries) and found that 2 sets of batteries were sufficient for a full day's shooting! I re-charged batteries each evening and emptied my CF cards into my laptop computer each night to start fresh each morning. I brought my wide angle Nikon lens with me, but wound up taking 99% of the photos with no added lens - I do keep a UV filter on the camera to protect the lens.  For the Fairfield Fashion show photos in 2000 I used a Sunpak External flash model MZ440AF-NE and a Rollbar flash bracket.]


Susan Druding

All photos 2000-2002 - Susan C. Druding using a Nikon Coolpix 990 digital camera.