"Four Star Square"  

A Gallery Photos of Finished Four Star Squares

Share and compare tops! Quilters literally all over the world are working on this Four Star Square Mystery and it's great fun seeing the variety.

Cathy's 4 Star Quilt

4 Star Quilt Joyce Wentland

Cathy Pedersen's 4 Star

 Joyce Wentland's 4 Star

Ingela Nordlander jpg (12200 bytes)

4star_judybrownX.jpg (6918 bytes)

Ingela Nordlander's 4 Star
See swatches & her interesting comments

Judy Brown's -4 Star
Her first mystery

Maggie Bond's 4 Star jpg (6782 bytes) 4star_robertaX.jpg (9383 bytes)
Maggie Bond's 4 Star
see the bigger version

and comments
Roberta McIntire's
4 Star + swatches
click to see larger views
4star_phyllisX.jpg (5864 bytes) 4star-mariettaX.jpg (6188 bytes)
Phyllis Pack's 4 Star,
with a note of thanks to Anne Coleman
Marietta had help from her son David, 6 yrs
click to see larger view
Anne Coleman's quilt jpg (6390 bytes) Eileen Bohan's quilt jpg (6446 bytes)
Anne Coleman's quilt, note the interesting way she finished the corners. Click to see larger view. Eileen Bohan's 4 Star.
She also sent fabric swatches for scanning.
Click to see larger view.

ward4starX.jpg (6497 bytes)
Click for view of Lucille
Rypinski's quilt

& her comments
Click to see Theresa
Ward's quilt
4star_footeX.jpg (7008 bytes) cohen4starX.jpg (6612 bytes)
Click for view of Suzanna
Foote's 4 Star,
she enlarged it into a queen size
Click to see
Jane Cohen's quilt
4star-yoderX.jpg (5822 bytes) 4star_halleranX.jpg (6640 bytes)
Click to see
Joan Yoder's quilt
Luanne Halleran's quilt


Keep those quilt photos coming - I'm happy to keep adding them.
Email to quilting -at- equilters.com

NOTE: The complete instructions for this quilt are archived on this site
- Go to 4 Star Mystery - Part One to see the beginning.

For the photo, try to have the quilt flat. Either have two friends each hold a corner, or a person with long arms, or pin it to a fence or wall. Taking the photo outside in non-direct sun will be better than a flash inside. Early-mid morning or mid-late afternoon is better than "high noon". I'll crop the photo image so don't worry if feet show underneath. Try to keep from taking the photo with shadows on the surface of the quilt top.

We'd love to see YOU with the quilt, or in a separate photo - so don't be shy, show yourself!

1. Use a camera and send me a photo to scan - even a Polaroid is OK. I cannot scan slides, however.

2. If you have a digital camera, send me the JPG from the camera.

3. If you have your own scanner - scan your photo and send me a JPG but not a GIF (gifs are not good for photos). The JPG should be no more than 400-500 pixels in width. Scan at 72-96 dpi.

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Susan Druding

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