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"The Totally Internet Quilt"
by Lucille Rypinski
Thornton, CO

A little about making the quilt. I discovered your mystery at about Step 2 or 3 so I printed off your instructions, thinking it would be fun to do sometime. Then came Labor Day weekend and my dear husband suggested a drive to Cheyenne, WY. With the possibility of checking out quilt shops while we were there. Well, I jumped on the internet and found the Mining Co. Quilting Chat Room and asked if anyone knew of a quilt shop in Cheyenne. Low and behold someone came up with the quilters guide to shops - she gave me the name and address even directions on how to get there off I-25. So I thought "well this would be a good time to start that mystery since I got the instructions electronically why not carry this to the next step by purchasing the fabric while I was in Cheyenne" This was so much fun I have named my quilt "The Totally Internet Quilt" or " The Electronic Quilt" I loved doing this project and can't wait for another one. By the way we live in the Denver, Co area. A drive to Cheyenne, Wy isn't a big deal in decent weather. -


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Here's a larger view of Lucille's Four Star Mystery

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