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This page : Ingela Nordlander - Kode, Sweden

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Ingela says:

"I had a lot of fun doing my very first Mystery. It was also my very first attempt to sew a quilt on a machine. Because when I learnt quilting we were taught to sew by hand.

I find it easier to get it exactly right with hand sewing, but it is rather time consuming. I have not tried to machine quilt any object yet. That will be some other time.

... One problem here in Sweden is that it is possible to get hold of nice fabric, but the prices are quite high. I have found myself other ways that work for me. I got to fabric sales and buy scraps. The second way is to go to second hand shops where they have fabrics. One of the best sources are old, (more or less) sheets and pillow cases. Only then you can't "build a stash". You have to take what there is. (But that is how our grannies did isn't it?)

But anyhow I love working with my hands and quilting makes me feel good.


PS. These fabrics are new."


Note all parts of this 4 Star mystery are still online, see the link below.

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