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This page : Queen size version by Suzanna Foote

Suzanna made this quilt as a wedding gift. It's a Queen size and shown here spread out on a king sized bed.

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I really admired the way Suzanna placed the pillow-cover portion of this quilt and asked her about how she planned it. Here are some of her comments on how she planned this (and an additional photo of the quilt showing it spread out is below)

About the pillow fittings....well, I like to play games with it. By this I mean, more pillows = different looks. For this one, I added 4 rows of 4-inch blocks - one row of each color. From past experience, I knew I had to add a minimum of 16-inches for the pillow tuck. After that, I determined the amount I needed to cover the pillows. Below is a picture of the quilt  spread out and showing these rows. This way if you have high pillows and maybe double pillows, you will get an additional line of color...more interest.

I used EQ3 [Electric Quilt] to help with the planning. Even before that though, I had an idea of what I was going to do. It was just a matter of making it the dimensions for a queen size bed. When I saw the finished wall hanging, I knew I had to enlarge the major part. Hence, more stars. I also knew I wanted the stars on the pillow covering part. From that point on, I used EQ3. That was how I determined the added borders, etc.

[I also asked Suzanna to tell me about herself a bit]:

I live in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Not far from Jackie Smith. I have been sewing for ages, but quilting for only 7 years. All quilting is done on my Pfaff 7550. My hand quilting stinks. Tried that long before the 7 years ago. To humor myself I say, my talents are in other areas. The good Lord help develop the machine, I am going to use it. ...  The young couple was delighted and speechless. That made me feel good. Especially knowing that they knew the value of a handmade quilt and knew the love involved.

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