"Four Star Square"
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This page : Phyllis Pack of Astoria, New York

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Phyllis told me how Anne Coleman (from Alabama) helped her move along on this 4 Star Mystery by email. (See Anne's 4 Star here, too):

"We started it out together...she did part one, I wasn't anywhere near starting, when I heard she was done with one, it spurred me to finish that part. She was working on part two and I was procrastinating with that...once she said she had finished it and I knew she was ahead of me it motivated me to get it done before she worked on part three and so on and so forth. We sort of pushed each other to get the sections done. There was no pressure or real competition, just a friendly rivalry and two way support and help when things didn't seem to look right. We both enjoyed working on it together."

And now they are doing the 9 Patch Mystery Quilt together, too.

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