Clip Art for Quilting Forum Use

I thought Quilting Forum at Delphi
 participants needed some fun images to use in their signatures

These are for Quilting and other favorites that seem to be useful. Most of these quilt related images are from the Clip Art pages on this site. Others are sized and adjusted from public domain clipart collections.

URL for all images begins:

(where xxx = either .gif or .jpg)

To go back to the Quilting Forum:

See here for HOW to USE these as a Quilting Forum link.

crazyheart.gif handstitch.gif quilters2.gif quilthoop.gif sewingwoman.gif
crazyheart.gif handstitch.gif quilters2.gif quilthoop.gif sewingwoman.gif
balt1.gif baltmini1.gif balt2.gif balt5.gif balt9.gif
           These 5 little blocks below are adapted from images in Glorious Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy with permission
glorbutn1.jpg glorbutn1.jpg glorbutn1.jpg glorbutn1.jpg glorbutn1.jpg
cat1.gif cat2.jpg cat3.gif cat4.gif cat5.gif

childsew.jpg thead1.gif thread3.gif thread4.gif logcab.gif

strip-butn2.jpg tri-butn.jpg variablestar.gif sunbonnet1.gif sunbonnet2.gif
pin-wheels-ani.gif pin-fortune-ani.gif




basketfabric.gif cutfabric.gif iluvcolor.gif mystash.gif ani-fish.gif
basket of fabric icon

cutting fabric

 i love color my stash is growing! animated fish icon

How to
use these Images to link in the Forum:

In your signature file or in a message on the forum you will build an HTML link this way:

<img src="">

Where the words ' ' appears in the above line, you will just type in the name of the image as shown above it in the table - the image will then appear in your message or signature.

Warning: This linking is fine to do from my site (linking to an image) but this is not allowed from other sites without permission. You should not link to images on Web pages without permission from owners of that page. It's called 'bandwidth stealing' if you do.

Here is the entry to the Quilting Forum

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Susan Druding