blcks_BW2X.gif (853 bytes) Quilt Blocks Clip Art blcks_BW8X.gif (1298 bytes)
in black and white

This clip art of various quilt blocks is deliberately left in black and white to make it useful for decorating notepaper, Guild newsletters, stationery, etc.  You are welcome to use these images for your personal use, I'd appreciate a mention and showing this page's URL if appropriate.

For more free quilting-sewing clip art
see this page

You may want to use the small gif versions on this page for web page use, each of these small images leads to a larger gif image of the same quilt block for use in printing. If you right click with your mouse on this page you will be able to down load the small image. If you left click on the small image on this page you will go to another page containing the larger image and can then download the larger image. [Note if you are using a MAC you will need to click and hold to download the image.]

quilt block gif (1107 bytes)

blcks_BW2X.gif (853 bytes) blcks_BW3X.gif (1552 bytes)

quilt block gif (1271 bytes)

blcks_BW5X.gif (771 bytes) blcks_BW6X.gif (1447 bytes)
blcks_BW7X.gif (1542 bytes) blcks_BW8X.gif (1298 bytes) blcks_BW9X.gif (1596 bytes)
blcks_BW10X.gif (1688 bytes) blcks_BW11X.gif (1868 bytes)

blcks_BW13X.gif (1448 bytes)

blcks_BW14X.gif (2288 bytes) blcks_BW15X.gif (1777 bytes)  

Larger block groupings:

These two images show a grouping of 4 of two of the above blocks. There are no larger versions of these blocks here, but you can make a similar block for printing by grouping 4 of any of the above blocks.

blcks_BW4trees.gif (6415 bytes)

blcks_BW4wheels.gif (4455 bytes)

These images were prepared using Electric Quilt by Susan Druding especially for this set of quilt block clip art pages.