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Quilt for Joey

Wendy Beckham - Lakeville, MN

This is my first denim quilt. My husband has been bugging me since we
got married to make him a denim quilt. One of his fraternity brothers in
college had one and so he decided that it would be nice to have one too.
I have been saving his old jeans since we got married 8 years ago. I
have also had friends donate jeans to me once they knew that I was
planning a quilt. I also have two small children which limits the time
that I have to work on things like this so I was looking for a quick and
easy way to do a denim quilt. I found the idea for this quilt on this
site and decided to try it. I used the seams to the front method with
flannel for the back. I ended up using a set of flannel sheets as I had
a hard time finding flannel in colors that I liked. The squares are 6
inches which made them easy to cut with my 6" quilting square and rotary
cutter. I used a 1/2" seam allowance and then clipped all the seams with
a small pair of scissors so that they would fray when washed. My husband
didn't know I was working on this quilt so it made for a great surprise
Christmas present!

Note from Susan:

If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the photo collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
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