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Terry L. Amato's Jeans Quilts

My Mom and Dad's family draw names for Christmas. With a little finagling I get
new people each year and am trying to get one made for each member of the family (that is 19 members right now). My family has 4 members, so I get to make at least 4 of these quilts each year.

These three quilts are ones that are in my sister Pam's family. She took the pics for me.. I would have taken them jean side up. When I get my digital camera all working, I will be taking pics of the rest of them.

I make the jeans side with a nine patch square and a three strip square. (You may notice the Star Quilt is only three strip squares. I forgot that year about the nine patch square. Couldn't figure out why it went so quickly until I got the pics back and was comparing!) The backing is polar fleece. It hides all of the bumps from the seams.. I wrap this over the top so the top looks framed by the backing.. The whole thing is then tied with matching embroidery floss.

I originally started making these just for the nieces and nephews as a very washable throw to put on the ground when visiting for them to play on. Every one likes them so well I am making them for even the adults now. They are larger than a crib quilt size, but not quite big enough for a double bed.

PS. I made my first jeans quilt my first year in college, over Christmas break. It was large enough to fit on a queen bed.. It was in a brick pattern. I laid it all out from the center so that different colors went in a 'circle' around one central square. I had just gotten a new Singer machine that had all the fancy stitches. I used a different stitch to run across each square that went around the 'circle'. So I had one 'circle' that had trains going across the block, one that had leaves, one that had double stitch...... you get the pic... I also had one circle that had all the pockets in it.. Backed with flannel, very thin batting, and tied. Have found with that quilt it is warmer if the jeans side is down... or covered with another blanket.. It is great in the summer with the jean side up, actually seems to cool you on very hot


If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
Email me at:  quilts -at- equilters.com 

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