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Jean carlton's
denim Quilt

Jean Carlton  - New photos coming (Sept 2009)

Made for her son.
Machine quilted it with zig zag lines.....about 4 sewing lines in each block, going the way the seams go but not in the ditch....just divided, by eye, the area to hold it down evenly. It has an old sheet blanket inside and a striped chambray-type backing. Though it is heavy, I decided not to leave out that middle layer because it was designed for a picnic quilt to throw on the damp grass to watch fireworks, etc. Each pocket is different. I've saved them for years. The bandanas added a colorful touch...fuchsia, gold, bright blue and red, I think.




If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
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