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"Charlie's Denim Quilt"

I got the idea for this quilt from the Quilting Forum. I started collecting some old jeans from yard sales. When I mentioned my plans for a jeans quilt to a friend of mine she donated several pairs of her husband's old jeans. While I was still in the planning stages, I decided that this would be a great quilt for my brother, so I asked him for old jeans. He donated a few of his and said I could sort through his children's drawers if i needed any more. So I sorted through his boys' clothes, and came up with a few more pairs of jeans to add to this quilt. Finally I had enough to make a quilt with.

Each square in this quilt is 4" finished. It is sewn with 1/2" seams, and I added
a 1-1/2" border and then a 6" border. The 6" border and one round of squares is made of new denim that I had on hand. The seams were all pressed open during construction. The batting is the thinnest polyester batting that I could find. I just wanted something to keep the seams from showing through the back. The backing is a small red and blue plaid on a white background. I used the "sew and turn" method to put it all together and then tied it with heavy crochet cotton at each intersection, with the ends of the ties being on the back. I didn't want the ties to show on the front any more than necessary. This is not such a good idea because the intersections are the thickest part of the quilt. I ended up with sore fingers from pushing the needle through all those layers.

This quilt will be a Christmas gift for my brother this year. It is heavy enough
and hopefully sturdy enough to stand up to the abuse it will likely get. My brother takes his children to the lake and beach quite often.



If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
Email me  here:  quilts -at- equilters.com 

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