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Dina's Jeans & Flannel Quilt

Dina Yagodich
Damascus, Maryland

Dina's Jeans and Flannel Quilt

Here is a jean quilt I finished after following instructions from Doreen's Circle Jeans Quilt on this web site. I used fleece for the squares and fleece for the binding. It is fairly heavy and warm. I labeled the quilt by stitching on the jean circles before I put the square of fleece in. I love the way it looks on both sides. I was shocked how much thread I needed, though!

Dina Yagodich
Damascus, MD

[Susan Note: Dina is a new quiltmaker, this is her 2nd quilt! Great job!]

Note from Susan:

If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the photo collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
Email me  here:  quilts -at- equilters.com 

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