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Ana Earl's Jeans Quilts 
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Ana Earl 
Amarillo, Texas

Ana's quilts 4 & 5 continued from Page one (where you can see quilts 1-3)

quilt 4. Giraffe Jean Quilt

Giraffe Jeans quilt
Giraffe jeans quilt


Ana Earl's Jeans Quilt back of Giraffe quilt

Giraffe Jean Quilt

This quilt is made entirely of scraps from jeans my husband and I wore the first 7 years we were married! The jean square with the Giraffe is from the bottom of one of his jeans. Just after we married I embroidered our jeans with different pictures (kinda tells you what era we were in!) and I wanted to preserve the pictures. I tied the quilt in the middle of each jean scrap using 6-strand embroidery floss.
I consider this "our" quilt so I finally had to make my husband "his" quilt!

quilt 5. Denim Quilt - Ken's Quilt (green corduroy on back)

Ken's jeans quilt

detail of Ken's jeans quilt

detail of back embroidery on Ken's Quilt
the back of Ken's quilt showing the embroidery

Denim Quilt - Ken's Quilt (green corduroy on back)

This quilt was a Xmas present to my husband. It was a joy watching him unwrap the large box; the expression on his face was unforgettable. He had made a comment earlier that year that I had made denim quilts for each of our boys and to give away but had never made one just for him. I worked on it for 5 months sewing on it when he was at work. Most of the jean scraps I used on this quilt are family scraps, from old jeans that our boys, my husband and myself had worn. I did go to yard sales and buy some extra old jeans so I would have a variety of denim shades. 

I tied the quilt in random places but machine quilted inside the edges as far as I could go with my machine. The quilt is very heavy, what with the size and the corduroy fabric that is used as the backing. I took a piece of cross-stitch disposable webbing and pinned it to the back. I stitched his name and the year and then just wet the webbing and pulled the threads out. 

The quilt is a big one 71 x 96 , the blocks measure 19x19. The long sashes are cut from my husband's jeans, as his inseam is long.

If you have a jeans quilt you'd like to add to the collection, I'd love to show it off for you. 
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