Bold Quilt Block - quilt top layouts -several methods to make it  

This bold quilt block is a variation on a log cabin block - there are several ways to make this block depending on what your favorite quilt making method is.

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The quilts below all show various looks by twisting the block in various layouts.

above: quilt top #1a shows all one block


above: quilt top #1b shows all the same block
as quilt #1a, but with a different color in one place
in the block (a green bar changed to red) and
red border.
above: quilt #2 shows 2 different
colorways of block


above: quilt #3 shows all one block, all facing
in the same direction


above: quilt #4 shows all one block
arranged in a streak format


above: quilt #5 uses the same block as quilt #4
but arranged to form squares on point






Susan Druding

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