Free Quilt Pattern Blocks
 Log Cabin & Pineapple

Log Cabins

Free quilting patterns for log cabin blocks includes close relatives such as pineapple and half log cabin blocks. Log cabin quilts are addicting and the varieties possible are endless!

Easy Log Cabin Blocks - how to make a 12" block in either traditional log cabin or courthouse steps arrangement showing easy assembly from cut strips and sample layouts for 20 different quilt tops.

Interlaced Block - not a log cabin, but a cousin of one.

Log Cabin Quilts - many quilts from one block. An article about log cabin quilts with links to images and patterns on the Web.

Courthouse Star - a neat effect using courthouse piecing but in a star format.

Log Cabin Variation - with squares at the intersections.

Log Cabin Variation - 4" - a diamond in square center, paper pieced pattern.

Log Cabin Block - a 15" block from Quilters' Cache.

Log Cabin Pinwheel Block - 14" block from Quilters' Cache

pineapple quilt block 1 Pineapples pineapple quilt block 2

Pineapple Block - 4" - a paper pieced pattern

15" Pineapple Block - from Quilters' Cache

Here's an animated sewing diagram for
Courthouse Steps layout for a Log Cabin block:
(originally I made this for my old site at quilting)

Susan Druding

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