Piecemakers' Guild Mystery Quilt
Mystery Quilt #4

Clue #5  - one more to go

(if you missed the Introduction information for this Mystery Quilt #4 - click HERE to read it. And find the links to the previous clues #1, #2, #3 and #4)

by Penny Pennington

Remember: You may use either light or dark fabrics for your background. Instructions will show a light background.

Click here to access the PDF Adobe Acrobat file to print out Clue #5.

You will be seeing some major blocks take shape here in Clue #5.
     Click Here for two photos from Penny of sewn pieces from this Clue #5


Clue #6 will be the final clue and show you how to lay out the finished quilt.

I hope those of you making this Mystery will email some photos to share of your finished top. Tell me where you live and a bit of comment and we'll put these in a Mystery #4 Gallery.

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Penny Pennington, 2002
This pattern is free for your use as an individual, but please contact Penny if you wish to use it for more than just your own use. It should not be re-printed in any form without permission.

We'd like to give a big Thank You to Penny Pennington and her Guild in California for sharing this mystery quilt pattern with all of us. You can read about Penny in her comments and bio here.

Penny is happy to allow guilds and groups to use her pattern, but PLEASE email Penny for her guidelines for use. And, she'd enjoy hearing how it's being used, too.


Susan Druding