9 Patch Over-Under
Adding a Border
Installment 9 -continued (1)

Making a Divided Half Square block

A further sewn variation on the Half Square Triangle patch to use for a border is to take it one step further into what I'm calling a "Divided Half Square". This block will again be approximately 7/8" smaller than the Half Square block used to make it.

Start with the Half Square Triangle made in the first part of this feature.
9P-pt9E.gif (743 bytes)

Take another square - which can be from your Bold Print or other fabric. Press a diagonal crease in this patch as you did in making the half square triangle previously.

9P-pt9F.gif (5068 bytes)

Put the two squares of fabric RIGHT SIDES together, make sure the crease you pressed crosses the seam in the "E" patch above and again sew a scant 1/4 inch away on each side of the crease, cut and now you'll have a matching pair of mirror image squares like this:

9P-pt9G.gif (3929 bytes) 9P-pt9G2.gif (3920 bytes)

You may make these "G" blocks randomly with assorted fabrics, or make them all the same.

Chain Piece these:
These blocks and the previous Half Square triangles are very fast to make if you make them in batches of 10-12 at a time. Stack up the pairs in position on one side of your sewing machine and sew them in chain style. Trim ("nub") off the excess at the corners to make them easier to sew together.
Put up a piece of flannel or quilt batting and experiment with various arrangements for sewing these blocks. You can have fun with lots of ways to arrange them.

HERE are several sample arrangements
using this
Divided Half Square block.

Susan Druding

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