9 Patch Over-Under
Mystery Quilt
Border Ideas - (3)

These are photos of the actual pair of blocks made in the previous section "G" which I call "Divided Half Triangles". 

Remember, these blocks are no longer the same size as the blocks in the Nine Patch - Over/Under so you will need more blocks across to make the border. This approach gives a "scrappy" border and you will have to fudge a little for the fit. Leave blocks untrimmed until you lay them out to see how the arrangement will work.

9P_halfsq-div.jpg (12568 bytes)

The sample border arrangments shown below are not sewn, but were placed on a flannel design wall and photographed. All use the above 2 blocks (see the previous page for how to make these blocks).

9P_halfsq-div-arr1.jpg (27595 bytes)
Divided Half-Square arrangement #1
In this arrangement the print sections touch the smaller border along the top to form "stretched" M's. -or- on the side in wedges.


9P_halfsq-div-arr2.jpg (24193 bytes)
This above view is a longer strip of the "stretched M" border seen in the photo above.

9P_halfsq-div-arr4.jpg (39242 bytes)
This arrangement shows the wedges flush with the edge of the narrow border so they appear to form a more solid border of print fabric.

I hope these have given you some good ideas of how to border your quilt. Please share with all of us what you decided to do with a photo or two. We'd love to see your quilt in the Gallery.

To photo your quilt, try to hang it flat (perhaps off a railing or deck?) so that it photographs as a square and isn't distorted by laying it flat and photographing standing at the foot of it.

Email photos and comments to  quilting -at- equilters.com


Susan Druding