9 Patch Over-Under Mystery Quilt
Susan's personal fabric choices

Free Mystery 9 Patch Over-Under Quilt pattern - Choosing Fabric and Checking Sewing - Quilting

I chose 3 different blue-green toned fabric for my DARK choices. I'll use 1/4 of the end fabrics and 1/2 of the center fabric. The center fabric has more green in it than is apparent in this scanned version. I put the dime on the scanner to show scale.

For the PRINT I chose a fun ethnic-inspired Hoffman print I hadn't seen before - it has a lot of different shapes and should look good in strips with random cutting. The colors are a bit deeper than they seem in the scan and have a nice "jewel" quality to them.  For the LIGHT fabric (the hardest to choose) I tried different prints and knew I wanted some golden tones - nothing seemed right until I got this "hand dyed look" piece. It's more yellow-gold that it seems in the scan and so ranges from yellow-gold to reddish oranges. Since it has a lot of different color areas on the surface it will cut up nicely in strips and look quite varied in different cuts in the 3x3" areas that show.

After posting this and starting to cut I realized I wanted at least 3 fabrics in my "Light" selections and added two more. Here is a digital photo I took to show a portion of my first sewn section showing one of the additional fabrics. It is a print with the same background color as my "hand dyed" look, but with a fern print on the surface. The 3rd "light" fabric is a similarly toned gold-mustard print with teeny spots on it.

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Susan Druding