9 Patch Over-Under Mystery Quilt
part 4 - Cutting the Strip Sets

Free Mystery 9 PatchFree Mystery 9 Patch Over-Under Quilt pattern - Part 4 - Cutting the strip sets Over-Under Quilt pattern - Cutting the strips - Quilting

designed by Susan C. Druding

This is the 4th Part
To review information about rotary cutting, review the tips and links here.
To review Fabric Choices  - see Part One.
To review size and quantity of strips to cut - see Part Two.
To review how to arrange and sew the strip sets see Part Three
To go on to Part Five - go here.

In this Part 4 you start to cut sections from the strip sets you sewed in Part 3. Once you see how many sections you can cut from each of your strips you will then be able to sew a few more strip sets to have enough to make the totals required (a table of these numbers is below in this Installment). Depending on the width of your fabric you may get as few as 10 cut sections or as many as 12. 
[For the Smaller Version of this 9 Patch-Over/Under Mystery you will have 18-21 sections per strip set.]

Cut Sections from Strip Sets you made in Part 3

You sewed four different strip sets in Part 3.
We used the letters D=Dark, L=Light, P=Print, multi color.

You will cut the following sections each 3.5 inches high from each of these 4 strip sets (2 inches wide for the smaller, wallhanging version)
(see the table below for the quantities)

1. from Dark-Light-Dark (D-L-D) (6 strip sets, 3 sets for smaller version).
As you cut them, put each group in a baggie (or for the larger numbers, use 2 baggies) - Tuck a label in the baggie saying D-L-D.

9P-DLD1.jpg (2228 bytes)

2. from Light-Dark-Light (L-D-L) (5 strip sets, 2 for the smaller version)

As you cut them, put each group in a baggie (or for the larger numbers, use 2 baggies) - Tuck a label in the baggie saying L-D-L.

9P-LDL.jpg (2292 bytes)

3. from Dark-Print-Dark (D-P-D) (4 strip sets, 2 for the smaller version).
Put in baggie and slip a D-P-D label into baggie after cutting.

4. from Light-Print-Light (L-P-L) (3 strip sets, 1 for smaller version).

Put in baggie and slip a L-P-L label into baggie after cutting.

9P-LPL.jpg (3545 bytes)

How many sections to prepare from each of the above strip sets:
Note - the numbers are the same for both sizes as the number of blocks is the same, just the sizes are different.

Strip Set

to Cut - 3.5"
Large Version

to Cut - 2"
Small Version

1. (D-L-D)

74 74

2. (L-D-L)

52 52

3. (D-P-D)

40 40

4. (L-P-L)

32 32

You will not be able to cut all the required sections from the strips you sewed in Part 3. Once you have cut one strip set, before you cut all the strips, count how many you get from a strip set. You will be able to figure out how many more strip sets you need to make to have enough to make the required number of sections as shown in the table above.

If (for example) you get 11 sections from one strip set and you need 5 more, cut the strips in half before sewing them into a strip set to reduce waste. We will be using the unsewn strips later to sew some of the blocks and to make borders so it is better not to sew more into sets of 3 than you need.

Next Part is here: Part 5:

Susan Druding
    copyright 1999-2005 Susan C. Druding

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