"9 Patch Over-Under" Mystery Quilt
part 8 - section 2 - Assembling the Top

This is the 8th Installment - section 2
for #2 Mystery Quilt, 9 Patch - Over/Under

This is the 8th Installment - Finally the Finished Top
Here is the Final Look for the 9 Patch - Over/Under

To review information about rotary cutting, review the tips and links here.
To review Fabric Choices  - see Part One.
To review size and quantity of strips to cut - see Part Two.
To review how to arrange and sew the strip sets see Part Three
To review how to cut sections from the strip sets see Part Four
To review beginning to sew 9-patch blocks see Part Five
To review finishing the 9-patch blocks see Part Six
To review sewing pairs of 9-patch blocks see Part Seven
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Now you will assemble the 9 groups into the finished top and you'll be able to see the "Over - Under" effect. Be sure to lay all the blocks out ahead of time to avoid mistakes.

Note: the group from 4C is rotated in one position in the top and bottom center rows differently from it's rotation in the middle row on the left and right side.

I suggest assembling these the same way you did the units of 9, that is: put together a block of 4, then make 6 vertically, then add the strip of 3 vertical blocks to the right side.

9P-4a-full.jpg (8234 bytes)9P-4c-flip-full.jpg (7977 bytes)9P-4a-full.jpg (8234 bytes)
9P-4c-full.jpg (7614 bytes)9P-4b-full.jpg (8247 bytes)9P-4c-full.jpg (7614 bytes)
9P-4a-full.jpg (8234 bytes)9P-4c-flip-full.jpg (7961 bytes)9P-4a-full.jpg (8234 bytes)

Next Installment is Part 9:
You have finished the quilt top, but you may decide to add a border or borders. In Part 9 we'll consider ways to add borders - using fabric you have cut into strips earlier.

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Susan Druding

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