Making a Scrappy Border
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This article is the "border finale" 
of Mystery Quilt #3 - free Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt.
The project is now complete - if you want to see this easy, fast quilt from the beginning start at Part One Here and follow the page links

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Perhaps you want a more "structured" or pieced look to your scrap border than you achieve with the cut strips shown on the previous page?

Remember the easy technique we used in Mystery Quilt #3 for making half square triangles? (if you don't recall it, you can review it here).  

You can use this same technique for making a border and it can go together in many different ways. One square used to make the half square triangles will be your strip pieced fabric and the other will be a plain square of the same size of a contrasting, non-pieced fabric. 

You will add one inch (actually the official size is 7/8" but I just add an inch which gives a little extra margin for sewing error) to the desired size of the half square triangle size you wish to make.

So, if you want to have a 3.5" half square triangle after sewing (that is the actual sewn border width) you will cut your squares 4.5". For a 3" wide border, cut the squares to 4".

From the fabrics shown on the previous page you would be able to cut squares that would look like these:sample squares cut from strip pieced fabrics

Then take some contrasting fabrics (not strip pieced) from your quilt top (or an accent not in the quilt if fine, too) and cut matching size squares that might look like this from the fabric collection previously shown:

samples of cut fabric squares for making triangles

Now, following the directions for making Half Square triangles, make pairs with right sides of fabric facing. One from the strip pieced squares and one from the plain fabric squares.

Below are some of the possible looks you will be sewing based on the fabrics shown above.

Now look below at the Borders you can make by assembling these simple half square triangles in various ways!


strip half square triangle border one strip half square triangle border two strip half square triangle border three


Are you a beginner at sewing on Quilt Borders?
Or, do you want to see some ideas for sewing a mitered border? Here are some links to web pages that will help you:

Quilt Borders - tips by Calico Blue

And for your quilt binding - see the article here on this site


I hope you found these instructions helpful - I'd love feedback and suggestions (with tips I could add?)

If you make the Mystery Quilt #3 I'd love to have a photo for the Gallery - I can scan the photo if you don't have the resources, email me at quilting =at=

Susan Druding