Mystery Quilt 3
Fast & Easy 

Fat Quarter Quilt
part 5
making the Borders

Part One - Choosing the Fabric is Here    Part Two- Cutting 

Part Three - Sewing the Squares   Part Three-B - Assembling the Units

Part 4 - Assemble the Top   This is Part 5 - Border Talk

 Border Talk:  You can, of course, use any border you want for your pieced top. But, if you love to use up your leftovers and want a jazzy look that will harmonize with the quilt top, think about doing a scrappy pieced border. I'll show you two different approaches, you may come up with another - if you do and want to share it, email me.

The Pieces You Have Left:
You may have cut your blocks from fat quarters or from standard quarters. I showed diagrams of these in Part 2 Cutting Instructions. 

From a Fat Quarter (made by cutting a standard 1/2 yard cut in half vertically). If you used Fat Quarters you'll have had the "save piece" left from each which will be approximately 4" x 18". If you made the smaller size quilt, you'll still have the same size pieces left over.Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram



From a Standard Quarter (as cut across a piece of fabric from selvedge to selvedge). If you used standard quarters you'll have had the end "save this piece" of about 6' x 9" left over.Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram


 Pull out all your Quilt Top & the Scraps  
Get all your left over pieces out and spread out the quilt top. Lay a variety of the scraps along the edge of the quilt top. Do they need a little zip or do they need an accent color added for the border? Look in your fabric stash. A black or very dark fabric might be good? Or a light and bright addition? Pull out some possible fabrics and lay them along with the others. Picking a couple oddball fabrics to add can make the border more fun. Or, perhaps you want to remove some scraps and make the border less showy? 

If you decide to add some fabrics, cut a strip of the added fabrics across the width of the fabric (4" wide if you have fat quarter scraps or 6" wide if you have standard quarter scraps.) Or if your additional fabrics are scraps themselves you can trim them later.

Remember you may also want to add a narrow, solid color border between the quilt top and the outer, wider scrap border. 

 Sewing Strips and Making the Border 

  Go to Scrap Border Page Here   


If you make the Mystery Quilt #3 I'd love to have a photo for the Gallery - email to  'quilting -at-'

Susan Druding

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt designed by Susan C. Druding  copyright 2000  - pattern is for personal use only. It is not to be reprinted for distribution in any manner, neither on paper nor electronically by email or on other Web sites. I'm happy to have it used by Quilt Guilds - please ask me for requirements for use in guild projects.

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