Mystery Quilt 3
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Fat Quarter Quilt
part 2
Cutting the Fabric

Part One - Choosing the Fabric is Here    This is Part 2 

Part Three - Sewing the Squares   Part Three-B - Assembling the Units

Part 4 - Assemble the Top    Part 5 - Border Ideas

 Size:  The project can be made in two different sizes - either a full size queen, 84 inches x 84 inches, or you can make it smaller scale at 38" x 38" for a wall quilt.

Fat Quarters or Standard Quarters:
You may be cutting from fat quarters or from standard quarters. I've shown a diagram here of each size piece. If you bought your fabric for A or B in 1/2 yard or larger size pieces read full cutting instructions before cutting.

A Fat Quarter (made by cutting a standard 1/2 yard cut in half vertically):

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram

A Standard Quarter (as cut across a piece of fabric from selvedge to selvedge):

standard quarter yard cut of fabric

The Cuts For each quilt you will be cutting two sizes of squares. For the larger quilt you'll cut 9" squares and 8.5" squares. For the smaller quilt you will cut 4.5" and 4" squares. See the table below for how many of each.

 Fabrics - ABC      

 A:  The main focus fabric should be medium in color value, a bold print?   B:   "B" is the "Black" fabric, the darkest, contrasty one.   C:  
This is the "light and bright" highlight color.
10 FQs 12FQs 4 FQs

for 1/2 size wall quilt:

3 FQs 3.5 FQs  1 FQ

All fabric should be pressed before cutting (I prefer to prewash all my fabrics, but I leave that choice up to you.) 

Using a rotary cutter (see here for rotary tips if needed) you will be cutting two sizes of squares from fabric A and B, but only one size of square from fabric C.

If you are working with Fat Quarters (FQs), quickly measure your A and B FQs and if any are slightly less than 18 inches wide pin a "narrow" label to them with a piece of paper as you will use them for the slightly smaller squares to decrease waste fabric.

Squares to Cut:

For both sizes you need to cut the following numbers of squares:

         Number of squares of each size to cut

   A Fabric  B Fabric  C 
84" x 84" 20 - 8.5" 16 - 8.5" zero - 8.5"

100 squares

18 - 9" 32 - 9" 14 - 9"
38" x 38" 20 - 4" 16 - 4" zero - 4" 100 squares
18 - 4.5" 32 - 4.5" 14 - 4.5"

 For the Full Size Quilt - 84" x 84" 

If Using Fat Quarters:
You will cut the number of 8.5 inch squares and 9 inch squares as shown in the table above. If you had some slightly small Fat Quarters you can use them to cut the 8.5" from the sides as shown below. Note that you save the bottom portion pieces uncut.

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram  or  here: Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram

Cut the full 9 x 9" squares like this:

  Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram

If Using Regular Quarter Yards:

Cut the pieces across the width and save the end pieces:

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt Cutting diagram

 For the Smaller Size Quilt - 38" x 38" 

You will cut the pieces from the quarter yard cuts like this. See the table above for how many to cut 4.5" and how many to cut 4".

Fat Quarter cuts

Regular quarter cuts

Again, as in the full size quilt descriptions above, for the smaller 4" squares use any slightly smaller Fat Quarters to cut these first to avoid waste.

Next part 3 - SEWING the Squares

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt designed by Susan C. Druding  copyright 2000  - pattern is for personal use only. It is not to be reprinted for distribution in any manner, neither on paper nor electronically by email or on other Web sites. I'm happy to have it used by Quilt Guilds - please ask me for requirements for use in guild projects.

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