Mystery Quilt 3
Fat Quarter Quilt
part 3
Sewing the Squares

Part One - Choosing the Fabric is Here

Part Two - Cutting the Fabric is Here    This is Part 3

Part Three-B Sewing the larger Units

Part 4 - Assemble the Top   Part 5 - Border Ideas

Making Pairs of the Squares Cut in Part 2:
You'll take squares of fabric in pairs and match them with two right sides together. See diagrams below for sewing and cutting to make half square triangles. Each pair of squares makes two half square triangle blocks.

Take 14 squares of B Fabric and 14 squares of C fabric and pair them.
(You'll use 9 " squares if making the larger size quilt -or- 4.5" squares if making the smaller size quilt)

Take 18 squares each of A Fabric and 18 squares of B fabric and pair them.
(You'll use 9 " squares if making the larger size quilt -or- and 4.5" squares if making the smaller size quilt)

If you are using several different fabrics for A, B or C - mix them when you pair them to create different half square triangles.

 How to Sew & Cut the Half Square Triangles: 

The squares go right sides together. The back of the lighter color square is uppermost. Using a ruler and a fine felt pen or a sharp pencil mark a line from one corner to the other diagonal corner as shown in green below. Don't worry about what kind of pen or pencil, this line won't show.

Sew with a quarter inch seam on each side of the drawn line. I like to use a 1/4" quilting foot. You also can mark the sewing line with a pencil if you wish.

Fabric squares gif #1

Now you will cut along the green line using either a rotary cutter or scissors. 

Fabric squares - gif 2

You will now have two pieces as shown below. Press these all open to form the half square triangles.

Cut squares #3

When you press them open you can trim off the little rabbit ear corners.

completed half square triangles

 Assembling units of 4 Blocks each: 

This next Part 3-B will show you 
how to assemble 4 of the squares 
into units of 4 blocks. 

Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt designed by Susan C. Druding  copyright 2000  - pattern is for personal use only. It is not to be reprinted for distribution in any manner, neither on paper nor electronically by email or on other Web sites. I'm happy to have it used by Quilt Guilds - please ask me for requirements for use in guild projects.

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