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Even though my "Fat Quarter Mystery Quilt #3" pattern was published on this site in 2000, it's still popular with quilters and as photos continue to come in, I'm posting them with the quilter's comments.

An Entire Guild, The Cherokee Roses Quilting Guild of Thomaston, GA made the Mystery Quilt #3  - here are their photos.

Above is the "whole gang" (see comments at bottom of page under photos)


Pat Holston's Quilt Top



Linda Stadler's Quilt Top


Julie Smith Christmas Top


Judy Bowles quilt top
Judy Bowles' Quilt Top


Dot Landers & Susan Brown's completed Quilt


Brenda Fuller's Quilt Top

Barbara Utter's Quilt Top

July 2001

We are the Cherokee Rose Quilting Guild of Thomaston, GA. we have 35 - 40 members, I am the current president. Every fifth Saturday we have a class.

At our guild meeting prior to that date I passed out a sign up sheet and gave a supply list to those interested. On June 29th we met at 9 a.m. and the first clue was passed out. Every two hours after that another clue was passed out. No one knew what the finished quilt looked like until the final clue was given.

We finished up at 4 p.m. and 5 of the 7 quilt tops were finished, by the following Tuesday at our regular guild meeting all the tops were finished and one was even quilted. We had a marvelous time and plan another mystery
quilt day for the fifth Saturday in December.

We appreciate your permission to use your pattern and directions and to insure you were given proper recognition I simply copied what I downloaded from the web.

Thanks again, Pat Holston

Thank you, Cherokee Rose Quilting Guild for sharing your photos!


Susan Druding

copyright 1998-2005 Susan C. Druding
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