Four Seasons Appliqué Quilt

I love to receive photos of projects I have designed and see what quilters do with them. I was so pleased to receive a photo from Romania of the Four Seasons little quilts from this set of patterns (click here for the free quilt pattern) and to see them combined into one quilt with some wonderful additions.

Here is the note from Freda, who made the quilt:

I just finished my first appliqué wall hanging. All hand sewed except for the little leafs, and trees. They are glued on and then it is all hand quilted. (No Stitch Witchery in Romania) It probably shows that it is my first, but I am pleased with it. It is your Four Seasons and I added some people, etc. I made the squares 12" each because of wall space. I am a missionary in Romania and will be sharing this pattern with a group of ladies that are eager learners for new things. Picture attached.

Freda Angeletti
Bucuresti, Romania


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of each of the 4 sections.

Thank you so much, Freda, for sharing your quilt. It is beautifully done and I certainly cannot tell it's your first!



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