Circus Quilt for Anna Claire

One of the special rewards for me in designing quilting projects is to get an email "out of the blue" with photos of a project a quilter has made with my patterns. I was so happy to  receive this one recently from Vicki Reno in North Carolina of a quilt she made from my Circus Quilt series for her grandniece all in flannel.

The illustration at the top is a close-up of the label she put on the quilt, which you will see echoes the tent block in the center of the quilt.

I also post her comments on making this quilt at the bottom below the photos.

For the free blocks templates for making this quilt - see the Circus Block index - Click HERE


Below are closer views
of each block












See Vicki's comments
about her quilt below.

Hi Susan: Thought you might want to see my version of your circus quilt. It was done entirely in flannel. I really enjoy your patterns and e-mails.

[then I wrote and asked for more details and if I could share her photos.]

I am glad you liked it. I worked on it off and on for about a year, but did 2 other baby quilts and lots of receiving blankets besides this. I tend to sew in spurts. It was done with fusible webbing like Heat n Bond or Wonder Under. I didn't use it on the tent at first but, I had trouble with fraying so I went back and used small pieces of the narrow fusible stuff. I call it stitch witchery, that's what it was first called when they came out with it. Anyway, I had to go back and slip little pieces of that under the raw edges and then top stitch with machine embroidery thread. I used Cotona thread by Madeira and top stitched everything using 2 threads in the needle.
I then printed up another picture of the tent and traced around the design onto the lavender cotton piece and went around the design twice with double thread and satin stitched the edge. Then I slip stitched the label to the back of the quilt.

Anna Claire is my niece's baby. She is just about a year old. I had 2 great nieces and a grand baby born last year and simply was overwhelmed with projects and long hours at work ( I weigh trucks at a rock quarry and it has been a real busy year).

I think this was my favorite project. The hardest part was deciding on fabrics for the clowns. I got lazy when it came to the giraffes and found fabric in the closet that I felt would work so I used that instead of all the little pieces for spots on the original pattern and since I had pink elephants why not purple zebras? It was lots of fun to do. I am glad to know that you liked it. Keep the patterns coming, I love them.

Vicki Reno

Ps I sent a copy to a lady that works in a quilt shop in Burnsville, NC where we have a vacation home. (We live in Raleigh) She fell in love with mine and had not heard of your web site. You certainly can use the pictures. I am flattered that you would want to do so.


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