Susan's Split Block - a block for combinations in quilts

Sometimes a very simple block can be the answer to a lovely quilt. You don't have to get complicated to make a quilt that will be treasured. Here is a block I'm calling my "Susan's Split Block". I'll show you several ways to make it and give you a number of different layouts for using it. Many others are possible.

I'll show using it alone, repeating it with twisting it for form various simple patterns. And, I have combined it with a simple four patch as shown in the little sample at the upper left of this page. You'll see sample quilt tops made with this combination, too.

The block is simply a square (my samples are set for the block to be a 4" block after sewing, a 4.5" block before sewing) with a section split out and in a contrasting color or fabric. The split portion runs from 1.25" into the block to the corner. You may want to experiment with different amounts of inset to vary the block.

Since I like to make my quilts in an Improvisation manner (not measuring, but cutting and sewing "by eye") I would likely make a quilt with this block where the inset amounts vary from 1" to 1.5" and do not line up perfectly. But the templates and instructions linked below will show you how to make all your blocks match.

By twisting the block in different positions and setting it with plain, square blocks of fabric you can make some very interesting quilts (See 8 sample quilt tops here) with a minimum of sewing.

There are several methods to make this simple block:

1. Templates are here - 2 pieces, templates show 1/4 inch seam allowances

2. Paper Piecing foundation is here

3. Rotary cutting instructions are here

Here are two pages of quilt tops.

Page one of quilt tops is here and Page two is here.

I hope you have fun with this block.

I'd like to share your photos of blocks and quilt tops - send me a digital photo of your project! Send to quilting - at -

Susan Druding

[Note: I used Electric Quilt 5.0 to prepare all parts of this project.]

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