Easy Small Quilt

quick to make for a baby quilt or a lap quilt

useful quilt block - free quilting patternDo you need to make a quick easy baby quilt? Or maybe you want to make a small lap quilt for a friend who is ill or just to say "I love you" to someone? Or, sometimes you just feel like making something fun and fast from your stash?

Here's an easy free baby quilt pattern using a block I love for its versatility and fast method of sewing. I call it a "useful basic quilt block" and wrote an article about it here.

I've had emails from many quilters saying how they've used the block. And, I thought it would be useful to put up a specific project idea in more detail.

I will tell you how to make the 3 fabric basic quilt, but I really urge you to throw more fabrics into the quilt. Three look good, but 6 will look better and 9 will look even better! Dig in your stash for some fun fabrics for a themed baby quilt or other gift quilt in a color group and get a little wild, you'll be glad you did when you see the finished quilt. The finished quilt will be approximately 42" x 52".

Here's the idea. From each "useful basic block" like this:

You'll assemble a group of 4 into something like this (or other variation):

First, we'll look at some of the ways this quilt can look. Each quilt uses 24 of the "useful basic quilt blocks" plus simple un-pieced blocks of the other fabrics. You can decide which look you want to make.

I used Electric Quilt 5.0 to design the blocks and quilt top layouts for this article.




article & illustrations copyright 2002-2005 Susan C. Druding


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