Quick Quilts for Katrina Refugees

The idea of these quilts is that they can be made quickly and easily, even by non-quilters -and- they are not meant to be for warmth. It's hot in the southeast USA and these are meant to be a bright spot of caring and cheer.

I recommend leaving the batting out of these quilts - just putting a simple backing on them, a colorful sheet is a good choice, or even thin flannel.

The blocks are large (10") and laid out for either a child's quilt, a cot cover (or lap quilt), or twin bed. (Sleeping cots are approximately 30" wide and 72" long, twin beds are 39" x 75")

The child's quilt uses 14 solid blocks
and 6 Half Square Triangle (HSTs) blocks


The Cot Size Quilt uses 10 HSTs and 18 plain solid square blocks

The Twin Size uses 48 total blocks - above shows
12 HST blocks and 36 solid fabric squares

Or, simply use all plain, solid blocks for the quilts. They will still be fun and pretty with no HSTs.

Click to See this next page for more re. these two simple blocks. And some suggestions for assembly and tying the quilts.


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