Quick Quilts Blocks for Katrina Refugees

The idea of these quilts is that they can be made quickly and easily, even by non-quilters -and- they are not meant to be for warmth. It's hot in the southeast USA and these are meant to be a bright spot of caring and cheer.

The blocks are large (10") and laid out for either a child's quilt or for a cot cover (or lap quilt). Sleeping cots are approximately 30" wide and 72"-84" long.

For Solid Blocks
From pre-washed and ironed fabric - cut the number needed of Solid fabric blocks, 10.5" x 10.5". You will be able to cut 4 across a piece of fabric. From a 1.25 yd of fabric you will be able to get 4 x 4 blocks = 16. (But use up odds and ends from your stash, so any length will do.)

For Half Square Triangle (HST) Blocks
Cut squares of fabric that are 11" x 11" in size. Use both solid colors and prints, or small prints that read as textured solids colors + bolder, larger prints.

Put two 11" x 11" squares together, right sides together. Score a line with a table knife, draw with a pencil, or fold and iron a diagonal line from one corner diagonally to the other. Sew 1/4" seam on each side of this diagonal line and cut on the line. Press the block's seams flat.

Assemble these blocks to match the photos on the first page.

Cut backing fabric to match size of quilt (piece backing from random pieces of fabric if desired).

Place backing and quilt top face-to-face, right sides together and sew around 3 sides and 2/3 of the end seam. Turn the quilt right side out and sew the remaining 1/3 seam.

Use your sewing machine to "tie the quilt" quickly - sew an eyelet or just and X with your sewing machine to tack down the top to the backing at corners and centers of blocks along seam lines and in middle of blocks.

You are done!

Get a few friends and a couple sewing machines together. Tell everyone to bring enough squares and HSTs to make 4 quilts each and then swap squares and assemble!

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